Since I’ve been working in the salon business and with clients for several years, I believe I can give considerable amount advice on how you can make your interior more attractive and comfortable for your clients. Primarily, I honestly believe in energy and the way we express our emotions that can be felt by many people, including our clients. I was taught at school of cosmetics to leave our private issues in front of the salon and once we enter our working space, we should have a different version of ourselves, that is, a cheerful and hard-working person. This is completely true and although it often sounds difficult to pretend that everything is in order, you must place yourself in position of the client who surely does not want to listen to your problems on the treatment that should be relaxing, and often, such clients never come back. In terms of the interior design, this is a matter of taste. I always imagined my studio as a peaceful and relaxing oasis, and this is exactly how it looks like today, decorated in Feng shui style with black-grey colour in combination of wood and natural greenery – proven to be satisfying for eyes and relaxing for the mind. We all work in harmony and with the same goal – to make each client satisfied and relaxed, and therefore, we are devoted to work quietly and calmly. We often have relaxing music at our salon, depending on the treatment. If we work with eyebrows, massages and facial treatments, we listen to Zen music or some Buddhist notes with the sound of birds and etc. In case of make up, nail or educational services, we listen to Jazz or Bossa nova music combinations. Scented candles or air fresheners are a must-have in each salon. I personally prefer the scent of lavender, jasmine or rose because everybody likes them.



We all know how first impression with the client is important, whether it is a phone call or reception at the salon, kindness and patience is a mandatory part of each cosmetic technician. It is always useful to open the doors to a client and offer them a place to wait, offer them a drink and provide a refreshing towel, as you can see in spa centres or airplanes. It is very simple but it means a lot. My clients are mostly persons appreciating the quality and they have no problem waiting for their treatment for more than a year because they want to have treatment with me. My employees always receive my clients kindly but I also take at least one minute to leave my cabin, greet and welcome them to our salon. This means a lot, especially if you have built your name as a famous artist in your city, most clients think that you are arrogant person and this must not be necessarily true.

Dress code is also important. I prefer black because I am not so good with spots and I want to look neat for each client. Make up is mandatory during the day, as well as shaped brows. Never forget that clients always observe your appearance and you should be example of a person taking care of yourself and your clients. In this way, you can sell your services – we will elaborate this topic more in the SELL YOUR SERVICE section.

Hygiene must be splendid. You should check standards and laws you need to obey in your country, such as disinfection, deratisation, once a month. We pay special attention to hygiene and we proceed in the salon as in clinics. Our clients get disposable slippers when they need to enter cabins for treatments, we also offer hands washing and disinfection and the toilet, in order to avoid later breaking of the treatment.

Most tools that are used are disposable and we open them in front of our clients, those that are not disinfected according to standards and the laws. These are the little things that mean a lot for the client and for your reputation. Your client is the greatest advertising and they want to receive a high-quality service in a sterile and neat environment.



I will briefly explain what each salon should have exceptionally – organisation of clients and services. It is always useful to have a questionnaire for clients where they can present their health condition, habits and this will help you to determine whether the treatment is recommendable or not. This is actually a form of a cosmetic service record where you can keep record on your clients, on provided services and dates. There are many apps offering this system but manual writing is also a good idea. The advantage of electronic recording is the keeping a contact and date of birth of your client and you receive notice for their birthday and you can send a birthday card with a gift card or similar, and this is something that is used for regular clients. You should have a designed business cards and Price lists that your clients can take and have a detailed look on your services, and you should also have prepared Price list to be sent to your online potential clients. Gift vouchers are also a must-have because they are the ideal gift for every woman.  We take care of our clients and each client receives a written post-treatment instructions with gift products packed in a box or designed bag. We also emphasize that we are always there for our clients if they experience difficulties or have any questions on post-treatment care. Keep the track of holidays and prepare gifts such a scented soaps or some other products such as gift for Christmas, New Year and etc.



It has never been easier to promote your business than today, and with regard to social networks, you can do it even free of charge. Your time and your creativity is the only requirement. I would like to emphasize the balance for the image text and design. Brand your business or use the same or similar design for your posts, in order to stay unique and recognizable. Invest your time in taking the best photos of your services and hire a team that would help you to develop your business. Just like the first impression is important in the salon, it is also important on your website or your Instagram. I am not a marketing expert but I can advise you to take courses with Milos who offers online courses and advice on you to manage your Instagram, Facebook and etc. You can contact him by email: phimarketingexpert@gmail.com



Conversational topics at the salon can be only on the basis of beauty, health and services. Under any circumstances you should not talk with the client about your own problems, politics, negative topics or commenting on other salons – this is simply not professional. If you have a client who is starting such topics, you can simply move from the subject in a subtle manner. We are offering over 20 services and the best manner to offer a new service to a client is through a verbal explanation. For example, I have had brow microblading, permanent lips and eyeliner makeup, I often have lash extensions and a radiant complexion and I often get praised for my appearance which, in addition to the aforementioned, looks completely natural. When the client sees this on yourselves, it often requires more information on the service and this is when your momentum comes and the way how you will present your technique and the products you use. I am free to say that we sold over 90% of our services in this manner because in addition to all marketing photos on our Facebook page, we present this personally on ourselves where the client is able to see the result in person.



Follow trends in the beauty industry in order to have something new in the salon, at all times. Sometimes you might hear something new from your clients and this could be useful as a new idea for the salon service. Your own development is actually the growth of your business. You can always attract new potential clients with the service you did not have before and regular clients who have trust in you and your salon will always be glad to try out something new you have brought from different seminars. Get active on beauty forums, follow exhibitions and try new products. However, never forget we have so much new to learn and we should leave space for learning. If you cannot visit those exhibitions yourself, send your colleagues to gather new knowledge instead of you.