To begin with, I will emphasize that you have to have a minimum a six-month experience from the moment you obtained the PhiBrows Certificate. After that, your works should be similar to the works of our Masters.

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Being active on the PMU forum goes without saying – when you post your work there and explain the procedure, materials used and technique as well, it may be of a great help for all the beginners who are new in this job and still not that much experienced.

Your works should be of an onward pattern, tidy, precisely filled with the pigment and of course, the shape must be according to the Phi golden ratio. We all know how it feels to do microblading on different skin types – those small, minimal mistakes can be forgiven because there is no perfect work, especially when it comes to complicated skin.

Don’t rush to post every single work of yours! Believe me, some of the artists even do not post every single work because it simply does not look that neat or precisely in the photo. If you are not sure whether it shall be posted or not, my advice would be to send it to your Master and wait for their advice on it.


Try to make the best photo possible in order to represent your work and technique in the best way. Avoid using effects, filters, extreme sharpening, etc. Each work should be beautiful just the way it is – all natural.

It is allowed to enhance the contrast or light settings if your hairs cannot be seen really well.
Additional tip: Always make a video of your work as well.

When it comes to the Royal title, all the Masters are engaged into choosing the new Royal, so your Master should be there to help you with this as well and you should always be able to send them your work and ask for the feedback.

In a nutshell

It all depends on you – your efforts, progress and productivity, along with your works is getting recognized by the time. Nothing comes overnight, remember that!

Nothing is impossible, neither is the title of a Royal Artist, it is only important be patient and except the negative comments as well, in order to know which mistakes not to repeat in future.

We all have dreams and if this is yours, do not give up on it!

Work hard, chase your dreams and stay loyal to your inner feelings – royalty comes with loyalty!”