PhiAcademy is one of the leading schools and its certificates are recognized worldwide.
We offer you the opportunity, after completing our training, to enormously increase your income from the work you love.

When it comes to choosing a career path, price isn’t everything. However, it certainly helps to have a clear picture of how much of an investment you will have to make in order to succeed.

Microblading education takes much more training than the typical one-day certification most artists obtain nowadays. Artists follow very specific high demanding work methods and standards that are taught through our rigorous high quality education. PhiAcademy controls the quality of work to its members and provides ultimate support to them and their clients. Artists never stop working on themselves as they can always progress within the academy. This is your opportunity to join thousands of other artists worldwide that have also experienced the Phi difference and have proudly embraced this life-changing career!

Keep in mind that becoming a successful microblading artist requires investing more than just money. You will have to put in the time and effort to practice, develop and improve your technique with every skill you make.

Your training does not have to stop after you get your certification, as that is just an extra motivation and responsibility to always improve and sharpen your skills to higher levels.

Education never stops and with constant practice and effort you can progress and earn a higher tittle as Royal Artist, Master Assistant or Bold Brows Master. Our main focus is to help students to progress and create a true artist out of them, and we have many successful stories already.

Improve yourself and your career by taking advantage of PhiAcademy, boost your confidence and offer your clients something new.

Graduated Artist

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Royal Artist

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Master Assistant

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