An advanced course intented for certified Phi Artists who want to learn the shading technique.

This course enables you to learn about combination of shading and eyebrow hair, the effect offering a more intensitve and fuller looking brows with a natural effect at the same time. It is especially designed for persons who do not have natural eyebrow hair, since shading is added between the brows in order to achieve a more realistic and fuller effect. Technique is performed manually and it will help each student to visually determine where the shadowing is necessary and how the effect of another dimension can be created by combining different colours.

PhiShading technique is also the ideal option for clients who want to correct their old permanent make up, which could not be performed only with microblading.

Education is followed through a Craft Master app in the period of 3 months, including 8 levels that should be passed in order to acquire the Certificate and a PhiShading logo.

The Starter Kit PhiShading perfection includes:

– 20 phi asept wipes

– 1x skin candy (50pieces)

– 3 professional pigments (sunset, warm, Arabian)

– 1 universal holder

– 40 pieces of shading needles:

  10x blade

  10x 3 round blade

  10x double blade

  10x 5 round blade