PhiPerfection training is advanced training for eyebrow drawing, made for the artists who have already been skilled in microblading and want to expand their knowledge in this field.

Training can be done live and online through our special educational system Craft Master, which is our unique learning tool to support you and monitor your further progress with unconditional support for 3 months.

On this training, we focus on problems that artists face in this field: drawing the eyebrow according to the face shape, skin types, post-treatment care, refreshing old works, how to get more clients, drawing different spin patterns (different hairs disposition), brow Alopecia (drawing hairs on persons that lost their brows due to Alopecia), male brows.

It will help you gain the needed confidence to grow into an experienced artist, teaching you how to improve your technique, self-management and client-management and how to master your skin-structure and skin-issues knowledge

This course contains lectures which are expected to be read by students in preparation for the Certificate. Each lecture contains a set of exercises which students should complete within 3 months.

The application is a tool that enables students to communicate with the Master during the next 3 months.

Starter Kit included in the price of the course:

1 x Stroke Marker

1 x Drawing pencil set

1 x PhiWipes Block Tonic

3 x PhiBlade disposable tool 18 U ecc  0.18 (10 pcs.)

3 x Latex

2 x Skin Candy After Care Balm

1 x Anti-Shock

50 x Ink Cups

After Student graduates,, he/she will get the PhiPerfection Certificate.

A very important aspect PhiPerfection is trying to present is to help you understand that microblading is not a one-time but a never-ending process.

PhiPerfection study encourages and promotes independence, self-determination and empowerment in a caring, safe and fun learning/working atmosphere.