On all my classes, I try to explain that in this business, 1% is talent and 99% is work, practice and discipline. Some students with great talent can master the technique easily but only if they make an effort and if they practice. I’ve met may such students who often give up or they do things their own way – which is often a mistake. I’ve met those students who did not manage to draw eyebrows but they had a goal and strong will to succeed. After a while, through counselling and a Craft Master App, the progress of those who devoted their attention to practice on skin simulation and who tried to correct the smallest errors is evident. Their progress makes me very proud because I know that I did tell them not to give up in vain when something doesn’t go as planned, and sometimes, we are simply not motivated to devote ourselves to something, and we should not force ourselves to do something because it is our homework but we should be interested and love our vocation. It was more difficult for some students than others but we cannot compare someone who has all time of this world and does not practice or someone who wants to pass and put its Certificate on a wall – this is not the point of our education.

No diploma is valid if you don’t know how to work. On the other hand, I have students with full-time jobs, they are wives and mothers with 3 or more children and they manage to find the time to practice at midnight, even after a tough working day. This is what we call the love for work because thetime, place or your current situation is not what it matters for you to succeed. By looking at all my Artists, Royals, Master Assistants and even Masters, I feel great pride in succeeding to get them to the right track and to make them successful at what they do. They are my true inspiration and external example to those who believe that they cannot do it but they actually don’t want to do it.

Education World Wide

Except my love for work due to the art of technique, I am also grateful for being able to visit different world destinations, to see different traditions, to meet so many beautiful people who believe my work to be inspirational and who want to learn from me. Not only did I acquire experience by working with different people, I also got unforgettable memories during my business and leisure time. I am proud to say that I have students and friends in each country that made my visit perfect with their hospitality. All of this would be impossible without you.

Education in Sarajevo

Individual trainings are recommended to all Artists who experience difficulties in working on a live model or who want to learn some new tricks and patterns. Often students decided to individual training because they have me as a Master for the entire day and they also have the opportunity to observe me working on the client live and I am also present while they work on the client because I can see any errors if they exist. My academy is located in the lovely city of Sarajevo and I have never imagined that students would come to this training to this small part of the Balkans and this is exactly what happened.

For the last 3 years,  I had visitors primarily from European countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Italy, Spain and I had visits from the Dominican Republic, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador. These students are also proof that there are no obstacles for progress in learning. These visitors primarily devoted her time for travel in order to reach me for individual education and to learn something new. Following such training and with effort, progress could be seen and some of them are now Royals or Masters.