Next step after Royal title and one step closer to Master is Master Assistant.

Master Assistant is an active and experienced Royal Artist who assists Craft Masters in their trainings and gets paid for it in agreement with the Royal Artist.

This position provides an opportunity to obtain knowledge in other educations, as well as more knowledge on how to train students according to PhiAcademy rules.

Master Assistant assists in educations as a help to students during their practical work, but he/she can also teach a part of theoretical class if the Craft Master decides he/she is capable of doing so. He/she can access the lectures in the Craft Master application and support the students to pass the levels based on those lectures. He/she also advises students on how to advance at the Academy.

Master Assistant can become a Craft Master depending on his/her country of living and whether there is already a sufficient number of Craft Masters there if he/she gets chosen by the Academy based on predetermined criteria.

By becoming a Master Assistant, you are preparing to become Bold Brows Masters, which means you have to follow all rules of PhiAcademy and have great work. It is also needed to make video on live model on which treatment has to be explained in details.

Master Assistant will get instructions from Grand Master about every detail in order to be well informed and introduced to title he/she have.