There’s a copious amount of things, as a woman, that we can wear very well, but confidence is definitely at the top of that list.
If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

Take pride in who you are, what you do and all the others who share the honor and privilege of being a lady. Remember, anything anyone else can do, you can do better if you really wish it.
We must first love ourselves before we can ever love anyone else.
We must be our biggest fans, no matter how loud the voices in our heads may be screaming otherwise.

Everywhere you look in history, there we are. Standing tall and making our voices heard.
Welcome to critics,just because we don’t fit someone’s ideal image or stereotype of us doesn’t mean we should believe them.
We should fight with everything we have and in the face of adversity we will swallow our pride and do so with a smile on our faces.
For some reason there is a negative connotation with being “too emotional”, and to some degree that may be correct.
But for us our emotions, compassion and our hearts are what distinguish us from the rest. Embracing our differences leads us to our true destiny.
And yes, I m not a person who is ashamed to say I m emotional, confident,hard working ,loving and most important proud of my worth and will fight for what i have rightfully earned,carrying daily all lessons in my life.
So if you ask me-what now?
My answer will be :
Keep grinding ladies, one day everything will pay off. You’ll never know what comes if you stop now!