A Few days ago I found myself repeating the same ritual as I was leaving an institution where there was not a single person who loved their job.
How do I know? Of course by grumpy facial expressions and their behavior to customers.
Even if there is a private problem behind it, we know that the golden rule is that it must not be shown at work.
There is no excuse, not even poor payment, poor country resources or bad boss..
ONLY we create our everyday mood – whatever is happening we decide how to react to it and reflect through our work. And if you are not fulfilled on your current job – what are you waiting for? Better opportunity, better resources, better help or support so it would be easier for you to move on?!
No one had it easy, including me, but it is a part of the fact that in order to be successful you need to know the various obstacles your ancestors will raise every time you fall.
Raise your head when it’s hardest and pat yourself on the shoulder with the words ‘it will be better – nothing is unsolvable’.
This is not even my dream job, but I accepted it like that, expressed my creativity, improved a lot through constant educating myself and then I shaped the same job into the dream job.
Today I beautify faces with the treatments I do, I bring a smile on the face of clients. I bring the same smile to students when they feel support and success through the educational program we run every day, not only to become PhiArtist, but also to find the best version of themselves and succeed in the beauty industry .
For those who do not know, this craft of mine as a for someone ‘just beautician’ has grown through hard work and effort into a so-called professor, in our industry called as a Grand Master one of the highest degrees in the Phiacademy.
I traveled the world in 4 years educating others, not only beauty techniques but also the basic principles for a successful business and most importantly to believe in yourself and not give up on your dreams.
I’m thankful for all these amazing people I met during this traveling and educating.

I admire every student who has chosen a different path – and that is to enroll in a course to become something else in addition to their job.
They stepped out of boring offices, left butchers or boutiques and did something beyond their comfortable limits, took risks and successfully changed jobs.
It’s not just success that matters, but the happiness and satisfaction they feel at work, isn’t it wonderful to go to work with a smile on your face?We all carry creativity, I believe that there is no person in the world who is not talented – you just need to find, vision and achieve with easy steps …
And the moment you think that everything has fallen into the water, that you have no support or resources, look around you and what you have, first be grateful for the little things and everything you have now.
From small things big things are born. Keep optimism and share it with those who share similar opinions. Don’t let others dictate what you can or can’t do, you know best if you really want to change a life that is one and needs to be enjoyed every moment.
Take a deep look inside yourself and examine what it is that you truly want and whether something is really stopping you from doing so!
Do you have an unfulfilled dream?