Are you interested in becoming an Organizer for Grand Master Megy and organize training in your country?

Discover how to turn your organizing passion into a career.

By contacting us, we will provide you all details you need to know about organization of training.

As an organizer for our trainings, you will achieve a high level of job satisfaction as you help students  and Master to improve training quality.

There are a number of goals organizer try to achieve through this business.

Orgnaizer should provide an expertis in this field. You will be responsible to provide everything what is needed for one high quality training.

Professionalism in this job is combination of having a consistently great attitude, determination, integrity and ability to treat students with respect.

This means doing your best work all the time, to meet our students expectations.

It means following through agreemnts and providing all needed material on time.

It also involves a great deal of interaction with others, such as suppliers, salespeople, hotel menagment…

Organizer provide students with informations about training, what includes, where and when is going to be held, but also provides with material needed for one microblading training.

Do not hesiatate to contact us for all details.