A graduated Cosmetic Technician that has been performing cosmetic services for the past 13 years, she upgraded her knowledge in all fields of cosmetic industry. With regard to her creativity and talent, she found love in microblading and transferring her knowledge and experience to other students. In addition, she is a great motivational speaker and support for people engaged in this business.

In 2014, she decided to stay in her country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and open her own business – a Beauty Academy in Sarajevo under the title LE SALON. In cooperation with the PhiAcademy, she became a Grand Master Educator in Microblading area, and as a result, she visited over 20 countries around the world, educating interested cosmeticians and students, and clients from different world destinations have visited her as well.

With her hard work and talent, she managed to stand out in the industry of beauty and in 2016, Megy was proclaimed as the best Phi Artist in the world and she was honored to receive the award by an actor Alan Delon, in the presence of Paris Hilton. In the same year, she improved the Microblading technique that she envisioned under the title Bold Brows.

The entire story of her success interested many people, and therefore, she invited PhiTV to its Academy in Sarajevo and described all the steps that have brought to this current position.

The following text describes how she started from scratch and why it is important to believe in yourself and your work, hoping that this would provide a support to many people because we believe that the beauty industry can be a very profitable business if we try to indicate our potentials.

“When you want to give up, remember why you endured for so long. Nothing is impossible until you have strength and will in yourself and it is of utmost importance to believe in yourself and your visions.”



Do you believe in a momentum? Honestly, I did not but I hope that after this story, I will assure you why you should believe. “You have seven days to consider whether you will open your own studio in this city or we are coming back to another country” is a sentence that my husband pronounced six years ago that I would always remember.

In April-March 2014, my husband and I were offered to leave our country and to move abroad where his and my parents lived or to stay in the city where we had no acquaintances and to start our own business. I was 23 years old and confused, and any person I asked for advice told me that this was a risky decision because I had no connections, no long-term clients and my vision on high-quality services often sounded impossible to many people.

There were moments when I believed their comments and I thought of giving up and going back to a foreign country, however, I couldn’t stand the thought of doing something that was not my job and something that I didn’t love to do. The time was running out and due to financial reasons, we only had 7 days and I was already on the way to give up from this idea until I saw an advertising on the road with a title “If you don’t try, you will never now whether it would succeed”. This was the breaking moment when I thought, I have a husband who supports me, I have experience and knowledge, and we have the capacity. What could go wrong? Let’s do it.



One month following the opening of a salon that the two of us designed with the help of our friends, we saw the photo of a brow technique on Facebook using a method that I was not acquainted with. Within the entire stress over the salon and financial shortages, we still took that course with Branko Babic in order to introduce this technique as a part of our services and back then, I did 10 different techniques at the time.

I realised that over the time, microblading technique demands a lot of exercise on many different faces, skin types and etc. I worked on many friends and cousins in order to acquire as many photos as possible in order to promote this service and attract new clients.

There have been many difficult moments and mistakes that I have not been able to know back then, but I learned from experience because mistakes are here to teach us a lesson. I often say that I am a perfectionist and I always looked for flaws in each of my service and I strived for it to be perfect. Only a few months of working with brows, I had the feeling that I was missing a part of knowledge and practice and I paid a visit to a Master Class in Serbia in 2015, where PhiBrows by Branko Babic was presented. He was an idol and icon in the area of brows for us artists and I remember that he approached me out of all 200 participants and told me how great my work is and that I should continue to be active on the Facebook Forum – where we shared our works and supported each other. I was thrilled with his comment and I tried harder to show that I can do this better, I’ve done everything that we learned during those two days and my work became even better. One month following the seminar, I received a message from Branko Babic, praising me for my improvement and perfect works and asking me to become one of his educators for PhiBrows microblading.

This came as a shock to me and this was something I was dreaming about and I never new that he had something like this planned.



The decision to join his team was also risky but back then, I already expanded my job at the salon, I offered over 10 services myself and orders for the brow treatment were increasing and the job of an educator demands travels and responsibility towards the Academy. However, I did not miss such opportunity and I started an additional business, I gave my maximum to teach others and to share my experiences.

In the same year, at a Master Class that was held at the end of the year, I did an instruction presentation on a live model in front of more than 400 participants. This was my first performance in front of so many participants and if I did not have the courage to present myself as an educator of that academy, I believe that other awards would not exist at all.

And this is why I say we should believe in a momentum. My first momentum was the day when I stopped taking changes on opening the salon. If I hadn’t, I would probably have not attended that course for Microblading. My second momentum was exactly at that moment, despite financial crisis and stress in the salon. I used the momentum to say – I want to learn. My third momentum is my acceptance of offer I received to become a Master. If I hadn’t, I probably would not have been in this situation right now and the doors of each new momentum that I would further describe would not open.



In 2016, I have been a Master Educator for a year and I visited more than 10 countries on different continents. My job was no longer related to the salon

 and I devoted myself to my students, their works and in general, education system at PhiAcademy. 

Back then, we only had one brow pattern that we taught and the more I observed it, I felt the awakening of a creative person in myself to do it in a different manner. While working with different clients, I observed the natural brow growth and different brow directions. I practiced on artificial skin and I tried to do something different. It took me several months before I made the first example of a brow that looked highly complex and impossible to produce. Branko was thrilled and he told me to prepare this for my next presentation on a Master Class that was held the same year.

I named my creation Bold Brows because the pattern aimed at offering a thick and fuzzy appearance of brows. I worked on my presentation for 4-5 months and it was difficult to present something that I imagined and drafted in my head, since I was supposed to present this in steps and explain to over 700 students, mostly foreigners.



I must admit that I had a great stage fright and fear from reactions to my presentation because this was something different and I already suspected a few comments that this could not be performed on real skin. My presentation has shown otherwise, since I prepared a step-by-step video of drawing on artificial skin, I also made demonstration on the actual model and many people were thrilled. On every break I received questions whether I plan present this within education of advanced course and I was personally invited to draw the steps from one table to another and to be photographed with them. This was a feeling I could not describe.




On a gala dinner, I could not even predict what would happen. I knew there were awards that the actor Alan Delon and Paris Hilton were supposed to assign and when they called upon my name, I was shocked because I thought that I was already awarded for being a Master. That moment changed my life and I was honoured that such a great number of students voted for me and thereby, Branko was my support for the first award ever awarded at PhiAcademy.



Following my first presentation of the Bold Brows pattern, I received many enquires from those who wanted to upgrade their work with my technique. I tried to additionally master the lessons and create several different patterns that could be mastered easily, since the pattern I presented was drawn by a free hand and was not intended for all brow types. In 2015, I created an online course that was available to all PhiBrow Artists and by the time, enrolments increased and my creation became highly popular. Based on success with my own project that I continued to develop, that year, I received the greater title of a GRAND MASTER, being the highest degree of an educator at the Academy and back then, there were only four of us, and there were over 100 Phi Masters from different countries and with different techniques.

All my successes were linked to momentums I used. Although I feared from failure, I wanted to try and give my best, to organise my salon business and a business of a Master having a private life and to create something, because when you have support in a private and business life, what more do you need to move on? Belief in yourself and love towards your work. Although you cannot use some momentums in the right way, perhaps other opportunities never appear and each step you take is connected to the upcoming one. You can achieve everything by believing in yourself and your work, with effort and patience, because I always say there is no such thing as an elevator for success – we must use the stairs.



To become highly awarded and to achieve something does not mean to give up. I realised this using social networks such as Instagram and Facebook where I have over 70k followers, mostly artists, who not only follow my work but also advice on microblading or life lessons. Honestly, I have built my identity through seminars and books based on psychology, philosophy and quantum physics. I have read so many books in the past 4-5 years and I recommend them to everybody, depending on their situation. I cannot consider myself a professional advisor but my students demonstrate each day the influence I have on them and their lives with their posts and public performances such as Master class. Each year, following Bold Brows presentation, I always take 10 minutes to share what we should devote ourselves to today in order to be primarily happy and then successful. My speech was always honest and described from personal experience. We all have difficult moments at work, in the family, in health and private life. The solution is not to complain about it but to rather devote our attention to negative situations each persons in this world experiences, and if we repeat those difficulties continuously to our friends, and ourselves we unconsciously grow our problem as a plant growing higher and higher, instead on focusing to find solution and be positive.

If I can do something today for my students and my followers is to provide assistance in their business strategy and to teach them how to control their minds and achieve what appears impossible to everyone. You can read similar topics on my blog.



They say that each job develops to the extent of the owner’s personal development. This is the great truth. Two key things are necessary for a business to succeed: personal development and business knowledge for business management.

In order to follow development of your work, you need to grow and completely use your potentials. Without working on yourself and recognising your own values, everything becomes difficult and we start to feel like a slave of our salon. However, we cannot succeed if we have no primary information on business management, primary analysts in order to determine further activities and etc. The second necessary requirement is that salon management is a “business” like any other else and this is how it is supposed to be considered.

You should be open to new solutions and ideas, human resource management, creation of new and special services and to build a team of people that follow your steps. My vision at the beginning of the salon business is to offer a nice environment and a top-notch service to each client but also to follow trends in the beauty industry and introduce new services.



As the Academy Master, I had the opportunity to visit more than 20 countries worldwide and to see different trends in the beauty industry. Although I was always busy with my treatments, in addition to my employees I educated to perform other cosmetic services, I always tried to introduce something new. Being a great creator and artist, following brow microblading for brows, I found love in drawing lips and eyeliners and I completed a PhiContour course in Frankfurt in 2015, and advanced course of the same technique in 2019 in Austria. While working with my clients, I felt the need that this was the second most demanded service following the brow treatment and definitely, this is a highly popular service today and I enjoy while working with this because it fulfills my creativity that I would express in painting.

Permanent make up is highly creative technique and you can always improve in it with trends offered by the beauty industry. In 2017, I enrolled in a course for Scalp pigmentation in Austria, that is, the technique stimulating naturally shaved hair with men and this is one of successful methods as well.

Being a Cosmetic Technician and a Skin Expert, in 2018 I enrolled in a course for PhiLings and Microneedling in Munich and this is on excellent method for removing all irregularities on skin and the body. Our clients were delighted and 3 persons perform this type of treatment at our salon today.

I always try to change and find different techniques that would be offered to my clients. At the same time, I try to express my potential and enjoy my work. In 2018,  I enrolled in a course for Phinesse professional make up training – the only course I attend online because I already have some basic knowledge on the make up, and this course comes as an advanced course. I would love to be successful in that field, like my educators.

The point is that we should improve and choose what we really like. We upgraded many services with the latest trends at our studio and I equally try to offer new educational findings to my employees.

PhiLips and PhiLiner January 2019, Austria

PhiLings and Microneedling education March 2018, Germany

Scalp Pigmentation April 2016, Austria

PhiContour Basic Training, October 2015, Germany